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cb Hardcase

With the world-wide unique cb Softcase we proved you can revolutionize a classic leather case for smartphones. With the new cb Hardcase extremes are perfectly merged into a single unit.

Conceived by perfectionists.
Masterfully made by hand.

Every cb Hardcase is carefully made by hand and ensures an extraordinary relationship with each iPhone 6 / 6S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus.

The finest Italian premium leather, 935 sterling silver, fireproof aluminum plates and environmentally conscious materials, unveil the protective case in a luxurious robe.

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Amazingly effortless elegance.

The cb Hardcase is not only a highly exclusive and sleek protective case, but emphasizes its uniqueness in the most elegant, optimized detail.
It is surprisingly light and handy. It is extremely resistant due to the used materials, although it is only 1.4mm thin.

38 grams
1.4 mm thin

Hard. Soft. Solid. Flexible.
When opposites merge.

With the cb Hardcase, opposites merge perfectly into one single unit:

While the high-quality base-case is consciously made of flexible plastic material, to not impair with the signal quality of the iPhone, we additionally attached enhancement with extremely thin aluminum plates.
These aluminum plates measure 0.38mm, are incredibly thin and weight only 9 grams even though they are fire resistant.

Environmentally friendly sustainability.

We use the finest Italian premium leather for the production of the cb Hardcase. We chose the leather especially due to its unique surface feel and the natural texture.
It originates from a renowned Italian tannery that produces in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

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A unique expression: The new cb Button.

In cooperation with our goldsmiths, we further developed the cb Button. It’s made of pure 935 sterling silver and it’s perfect for the cb Hardcase.

The new cb Button has a distinctive character:
The sterling silver shines on its polished surfaces in radiant-reflective silver, while the sand polished areas display natural silver colors.
The jewel is not only produced in a lot of steps by hand and afterwards rhodium-plated, but also sewn onto the protective case by hand.

16.8 mm diameter
1.5 mm height

Have everything under control.
Have everything with you.

The cb Hardcase has specially crafted notches to easily reach the buttons of the iPhone.

On the back there is a hand-made pocket for money or a credit card. In order to protect the cards against scratches and moisture as well, we have sewn the inside of the pocket with the new cb Microfiber Fleece.

cb Microfiber Fleece – A fine innovation

It was a small revolution, when we introduced the innovative cb Microfiber with the cb Softcase.

For the cb Hardcase, we had to refine the finest natural yarn developed by research: The new cb Microfiber Fleece contains a high proportion of fleece fabrics that have detergent and water-repellent features. It dries quickly and ensures that possible moisture in the case is quickly absorbed and dried.

The cb Microfiber Fleece retains its color, doesn’t give off fluff and additionally ensures an optimal resistant cushioning for the smartphone.

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Colorful. For any occasion.

The cb Hardcase is available for any occasion in a colorful palette that includes
Black Night, Happy Orange, Caramel Lion, Cherry Love, Deep Ocean and Pink Lady.

Unique gift box.
100% sustainable & 100% aesthetic

Every cb Hardcase comes with a luxurious and highly eco-minded gift box. All materials of the box from herbal wood fibers right up to the high-class black linen paper from natural cotton, contain no toxins and are fully recyclable.

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